FAQ's About Reiki


How does it work?

Healing energy exits in the body, but is depleted when you're sick or stressed. Reiki helps increase your healing energy supply. This increased flow of healing energy sets the stage for your body, mind and spirit to heal itself. Reiki does not promise specific results.

Where does Reiki fit in medically?

Reiki is therapy to speed up and facilitate healing of a medical condition or procedure, aid in your recovery and rehabilitation. Other examples are massage, relaxation, meditation and soothing music. Reiki is used in most hospitals. 

What are Reiki sessions like?

The Client lies down on Amy's table, face down at first and then will flip face up. You will not be asked to remove any article of clothing or jewelry, but you may do so if desired. The session lasts about 20-30 minutes maybe longer if needed. Some of the session is hands off, working in the space about 3-6 inches above your body. At one point depending on the client's needs Amy will ask if she can touch a certain area to increase the flow of energy. 

All you need to do during a Reiki session is completely relax. Reiki has been described by some as a calming, soothing, warm, glowing radiance experience.

How does Reiki help?

Reiki helps to create a better energy flow in the body. This intern helps with relaxation and creates a condition where physical and emotional healing can occur. It also can help with the focusing of one's thoughts and mind to help with concentration and awareness in everyday tasks.