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Reiki is a Japanese technique used for Stress Reduction and Relaxation. It promotes Healing, Hormone Balancing and Removing Pain from the body. It's Light Touch Massage Work. I have an extremely high end ultra-comfortable massage table with highly intensified healing sessions! Alternatively, Reiki can be channeled through distance healing.  

Reiki healing energy heals you from the inside out. It is light, love and energy work. Reiki removes dark negative toxic energy from the body.  Reiki works fast, speeds up healing, heals pain, calms the body and relaxes you. My technique clears & re-patterns past issues i.e. from childhood, divorce, etc. I will balance your hormones & glands by balancing your chakras through Reiki. You will love it!  


LaHoChi is an ancient hands on healing modality that conducts Life or God force infuses the individual with wholeness and well-being. It's a tool of transformation not only for ourselves but for Mother Earth. 

13th Octave LaHoChi is the most powerful high frequency hands on healing we have on the planet. It's 100 times more powerful than Reiki. 

LA: The light and love of oneness, the one creator. 

HO: The movement of energy from your body along the grids.

CHI: Life force energy. Moving out old and bringing in new.

Life Coaching

Manifesting your Dreams into Reality. Enjoying more time, a better Quality of Life full of Balance & Abundance, while Healing you from the inside out. Attaining Inner Happiness & Inner Peace within yourself. Creating Balanced Loving Relationships.  

Reiki Session